Enforcement of pet rules on the estate common property

Due to an increase in the number of stray pets roaming the estate and the unnecessary burden this places on estate staff (not to mention the stress caused to a lost animal), we wish to remind you of some of the rules regarding pets and notify you that we will start issuing disciplinary fees.

Rules stipulate that all pets must wear a collar with a tag indicating the name, telephone number and address of its owner.
Pets are not permitted to roam the streets and dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, when not in the confines of its owners’ premises.

First offence – pet with a name tag: warning
Second offence – pet with a name tag: R 500

First offence – pet without a name tag: R 500 
Second offence – pet without a name tag: R 1 000

We trust in your cooperation in this matter to assist in keeping your pets safe and aid in a speedy reunion in the event of an accidental escape.